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Trump Casinos

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Even Trump Casinos Cannot Escape The Current Economy

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The economy is getting so bad in the United States, that even one of the countries most successful businessmen cannot escape. Donald Trump has made billions of dollars by knowing how to deal with all kinds of economies.

The current economy in the US, however, has Trump Entertainment Resorts Inc. running for cover. The company has dropped in NASDAQ trading. Not a good sign for a company fresh out of bankruptcy.

The company has seen a decline in revenue for the fourth straight quarter. The company has three properties in Atlantic City, and it is becoming evident that something needs to be done.

“It doesn’t seem like they can operate with three properties in Atlantic City,” said Dennis Forst, an analyst with KeyBanc Capital Markets.

Trump Entertainment has already attempted to sell one of its properties, but last summer came and went without the sale being finalized.

The company came out of bankruptcy back in 2005, and has now posted its biggest loss since the bankruptcy. Competition from other casinos has also caused a drop in revenue for the company.

Nevada Casinos Revenue Down in January After Tumultuous Month

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People spend a lot of money during the holidays. Most of them put their gifts and other spending on credit cards. When those bills come due in January, it usually makes for a slow month for businesses.

Casinos are supposed to be different, however. They are a form of entertainment and in Nevada, it should not matter what month it is, numbers should never be down.

January revenue was down nearly five percent from the same month in 2007 for casinos in Nevada. The win was $1.06 billion for the month.

Several factors played a role in why the casino revenue numbers were down. One casino, the Monte Carlo, was shut down after a fire broke out at the top of the building. The weather was poor for the month, also contributing to the lower numbers.

Casinos on the Las Vegas Strip, popular among gamblers, were only down 1.3 percent from 2007. The only area that experienced higher numbers than in 2007 was Mesquite. Revenue was up 25.9 percent from 2007.

Slot machines continue to be the major money maker for casinos. The total win for January was $1.06 billion, and slots accounted for $700 million of that number. The rest was accumulated by live games. Hotel and bar sales are not included in any of these figures.

The state is hoping for a return to the positive in the coming months.

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Casino Expansion

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Economy Stuggles, So States Secure Borders With Casino Expansion

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States that have long been against casino gambling are now coming around to the idea. The change of heart comes mostly for a need to generate state revenue.

It is amazing to see how politicians who are completely on one side of an issue, can change their opinion in the blink of an eye. That is what is taking place with the issue of casino gambling in the United States.

More states are moving towards legalizing casino gambling. Their motivation? Keep people and their money inside their own states. Bordering states that have casinos have long had an impact on it’s neighbors economy.

Now that the economy is suffering so badly, states are moving towards legalizing casino gambling to keep people from spending their money in other states.

Oklahoma, for example, draws many people from Missouri, Texas, and Kansas. Other states also rely on taking people from their neighboring states by lure of gambling.

With states competing with each other for what few extra dollars are available, it is no wonder that more states and their politicians are waking up to the idea of expanding casino gambling.

Powerball Lottery Jackpot Expands To $230 Million

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Powerball is starting to approach jackpot numbers to amounts that Mega Millions put up last month. The Mega Millions had not been hit since January 1st of this year when it finally was hit in late February.

Powerball is now seeing the same kind of action. The new drawing, set for March 12th will be worth $230 million for a lucky winner, according to the Pennsylvania Lottery website.

That number seems inflated when taking into account that the jackpot starts at $15 million. It then grows for every drawing that there are no winners. The higher the amount gets, the quicker it climbs.

People that do not usually play the lottery get involved when the jackpot grows. It is almost as if winning $15 million is below their standards. In any event, the figure will approach $300 million should nobody win the March Wednesday drawing.

Three lucky gamblers did win a piece of the prize in the most recent drawing. They matched five of the numbers that were drawn and claimed $200,000 each.

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Largest Gaming

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Eastern Europe’s Largest Gaming Company Looking To Expand

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The Russian government has made it clear that casino gambling will only take place in four regions outside of main cities. That decision has led to Ritzio entertainment Group to begin raising money that will be used to expand.

The company is already the largest gaming company in Eastern Europe. Now, they are planning to expand even further. they are preparing for expansion in Europe and Latin America.

Oleg Boiko controls the company, and he has made his intentions very clear. “Foreign gaming outlets are showing quite high sales growth and also high profitability,” said Boiko. The company is seeking $500 million to but casinos around the world.

Ritzio is based out of Cyprus, but has casinos all over already. They have 160 gaming clubs in Germany. Italy and Spain are both on the radar as potential locations for new casinos. They recently opened a slot hall in Serbia.

“All gaming companies are looking at Western and eastern Europe because they are not sure what will happen to the gaming business in Russia and what returns they may get from operations in one of the four zones,” said an analyst from ING Bank, Julia Gordeyeva.

American Idol Preview: Mercado, Archuleta, Cook Sing For Finals

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American Idol has once again traveled the country to try and find the most talented vocalists for their show. This week, there are only three of those finalists left, and they are singing tonight for two spots in the finale.

Next week, the two remaining finalists will go head to head to try and become the next American Idol. There will be a grand stage, and millions of people will be watching on television.

To get to that scenario, however, the contestants will have to one more time, put their vocals to the test on tonight’s semi-finals show. David Cook, David Archuleta, and Syesha Mercado, will be trying to impress not only the judges, but the millions that will vote at the end of the show.

Archuleta and Cook appear to have a clear path to the finals. They have been the favorites the whole season, and now with one more performance, should wrap up their head to head showdown.

Mercado is still the dark horse in the competition, but seems to survive every week. She has been in the bottom two almost every week, and has found a way to get enough votes to survive. She will need two extraordinary performances to hold off one of the two David’s.

The show will air live tonight on FOX at 8:00 P.M.

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Casino Smoking Ban

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Donald Trump Weighs In On Business Side Of Casino Smoking Ban

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Donald Trump is no stranger to the limelight. he takes on important issues, and voices his opinion when he feels it necessary.

This is one of those times. Trump has come out publicly to voice his displeasure with the new smoking ban in Atlantic City casinos. The ban is not in place yet, but it might not be far off.

The City Council has unanimously voted to put in effect a full smoking ban for casino floors in Atlantic City. The final vote on the matter will take place in two weeks. Trump is unhappy with the Council’s decision.

“It’s a sad day for Atlantic City. It puts Atlantic City in a huge competitive disadvantage with casinos in other states,” said Trump, in an interview on Thursday.

He is completely against smoking. He even has served as a spokesman for public service announcements against smoking. He does, however, see the importance smoking has on an industry in which he is involved.

“Hundreds of millions of dollars will be lost in the future,” he said. The money is a major reason why he has come out against the ban. His casinos stand to lose revenue, and with Atlantic City casinos already on the decline, more revenue loss could be devastating.

Casino Cheating In Iowa Getting Tougher With New Gaming Training Lab

Casino gamblers that are sharp, or are just sick and tired of casinos taking their money, sometimes resort to cheating. the cheaters travel the country looking for casinos they can scam out of money.

Most times, it is too late by the time the casino realizes the patrons have been cheating. While most casinos have ways in place to spot cheaters, they are not a guaranteed remedy.

In Iowa, they want to make sure that there is no cheating going on in their casinos. They have now added the DCI Gaming Training Lab to the Department of Public Safety building in Des Moines, Iowa.

The lab is used for law enforcement officers to go and learn the new ways that people are trying to cheat at casinos. The tool has been implemented due to the large amount of officers that provide security at casinos within the state.

“There’s no question that professional cheats travel across the country and try to cheat casinos. That’s what we’re always on the lookout for,” said DPS Director, Gene Meyer.

It is not that officers from the state were not getting the training before. They would be sent to other states to take part in the training. Now, they can stay at home while they go through the training aimed at stopping casino cheaters.

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Casino Project

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Developer Threatens To Walk From Casino Project In Pittsburgh

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The casino that is planned for the North Shore in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is becoming one big mess. The project has been on the shelf for a while now, and if a decision on a change of ownership is not approved soon it could be a long time before the project is complete.

Developer Don Barden won the rights to the license for the casino last year, but has since failed to secure the necessary financing to finish building the casino. Enter Neil Bluhm.

The billionaire has agreed to take over control and ownership of the casino from Barden. Before that can happen, the state must approve the change of ownership. As of now, they have not.

Bluhm was testifying before the state’s Senate community and has voiced his displeasure that he has not already been approved. He claims if there is no approval by Wednesday, that the cost of finishing the project could rise dramatically.

He also has now stated that if he is not approved soon, he may simply walk away from the whole project. “I’m doing this, because I think it makes sense. It’s a good investment, and I also think it’s a good thing for the Commonwealth and the city.

Macau Casino Helps Wynn Resorts Triple Second Quarter Earnings

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Who says that casino gambling is being affected by the economy? Someone had better let Wynn Resorts in on that little bit of information. The company reported its earnings for the second quarter on Thursday.

Rejoice was the word from Wynn Resorts Ltd. on Thursday. The company announced their earnings for the second quarter and they were far higher than in the same quarter last year.

The company more than tripled their earnings from last year with $272 million. That is $2.42 per share. Last year their earnings were only at $.82 per share with a total of $89.6 million.

The companies Macau property was a major reason for the increase in revenue. The Wynn Macau saw a rise of fifty percent in earnings from the previous year.

The news was not all good for Wynn. The Wynn Las Vegas revenue dropped twenty four percent. That is following a very disturbing trend for casino operators in Sin City. It also shows that the economy is having some effect on casinos.

It had long been thought that casinos were immune to the problems of the economy. That is proving not to be the case this year. Many casinos have their revenue numbers way down from in past years.

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Results In Gambling

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Dancing With The Stars Results In Gambling Win For Some

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Dancing With The Stars will dance their way out of people’s living rooms for another year tonight. The results will be revealed and a winner will be crowned.

If it were purely up to the judges, Kristi Yamaguchi would become the newest winner of the program. Votes of viewers is what counts, however, meaning any of the three contestants could win.

Jason Taylor has a large fan base and could sneak by Yamaguchi in the popular vote. He has caught a lot of slack in South Florida for his appearance on the show, and most likely will be glad when it is over.

Cristian de la Fuentes has had a nice run through the competition, and has won over many viewers by dancing hurt for the past several weeks. The sympathy probably will not be enough to make him a winner.

Anyone gambling on the show’s winner would most certainly have to go with Yamaguchi. She has been the most consistent of the three finalists, and performed well again on last night’s finals show.

Tonight, the winner will be crowned. Viewers will have a whole year to wait for the next version of the show, and one lucky celebrity will walk away as the Dancing With The Stars champion for this season.

American Idol Results:Gambling Underdog Archuleta May Win

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American Idol will conclude its season tonight when a new winner is announced. The two finalists, David Cook and David Archuleta have been the gambling favorites to win the competition all year.

Archuleta started as the gambling favorite when the finalists were first were announced. Since then, Cook has slowly inched closer to Archuleta in the odds, and the past few weeks has overtaken Archuleta as the gambling favorite.

After last night’s finale, it now appears that the gambling underdog could walk away with the title tonight. Archuleta was praised throughout the night by the judges. His performances were nearly flawless.

Cook, on the other hand, had trouble finding his groove for the majority of the night. He struggled with song choice, and was clearly defeated by Archuleta vocally.

What voters will decide is another story. Both Cook and Archuleta have been fan favorites all year, as evidenced by neither of the two ever appearing in the bottom three.

With the results show only hours away, Archuleta may once again prove why gambling is an inexact science. The underdog just might become the new champion.

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